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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Reclaimed Wood Timbers from Duluth Timber Company

Reclaimed Wood Timbers

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Logging the Industrial Forest

Primordial Forests

A hundred years ago, we harvested huge trees from America’s primordial forests. We sawed down the mighty Douglas Fir from the temperate rain forests of Oregon and Washington State, and towering Redwoods from northern California. In the southern U.S., Heart Pine (also known as Southern Yellow Pine) and Cypress were harvested.

These trees were the old-growth grand-daddies of North America. One hundred years later, this is the wood we sell.

Structures of Industry

Old-growth trees from the late 1800’s to the mid-20th century were milled to build tens of thousands of warehouses and factories–structures of industry. Before steel came into play, wood post and beam structures sheltered America’s booming industrial growth. Prior to 1910, east of the Mississippi framed with prime cuts of Heart pine. On the west coast, old growth Douglas Fir timbers built acres of shipping warehouses.

Our Industrial Forest

From these structures–our “industrial forest”– we reclaim our big wood timbers and lumber. Because it is old growth, the reclaimed wood has the finest grain structure of all North American softwoods. And since reclaimed wood has stood for decades, it is dry and stable.

The storied lives of our wood get expressed in three primary finish options for timbers: resawn, as-is, and textured. Each heightens the old wood’s unique and fine character.

Our Team

Duluth Timber Company was founded by Max Taubert, the son of an industrial photographer and landscape architect. In and around Cleveland, Max developed his appreciative eye for old buildings, boats and machinery. As a young, resourceful man, he began his foray into reclamation by salvaging all types of materials: bricks, fixtures, even–almost–a steeple (easier said than done). In the early 80’s he decided to focus on the old growth timbers wasted in careless demolition. His company has been a major wholesaler and retailer of reclaimed wood ever since.
“I started tearing down structures and working in concert with larger demolition contractors in the Cleveland/Northwest Ohio area in the mid 1970?s. After moving to Duluth MN in 1981 and founding Duluth Timber in 1985 I have personally been involved in the dismantling of hundreds of structures across North America and have reclaimed and recycled tens of millions of board feet of old growth timbers and lumber.” Max Taubert

Owner, Duluth Timber Company









Diesel Mechanic



Yard Manager

Duluth Timber News

Spraying Finish on Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Watch our Reclaimed Flooring get a spray on Finish Video of the first coat of finish being applied to our engineered flooring product. This variety of flooring is made with a 1/4 inch Douglas fir veneer that features an epoxy fill in cracks and mixed...

Reclaimed Wood Bar Top

Rolf Hagberg took this photo of the reclaimed wood bar top we built for Shorty’s Bar in Superior WI. The length of this portion of the bar is i the vicinity of 55 feet long.     ...

Timber Pavilion – Enger Tower Duluth, MN

These on location photos were taken by Photographer Rolf Hagberg. The pavilion at Enger Tower in Duluth overlooks the the entire city and out onto Lake Superior. The Gazebo and pergola are made out of Douglas fir from Duluth Timber Company. The wood was reclaimed from...
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Our Customers

“Using timbers from Duluth Timber is keeping in line with our goal of providing a green product for our clients. Also, materials are perfectly dry so we never have any issues with twisting or such with large timber work. Plus the whole crew down there is great to work with.” John H. Williams

Natural Home and Energy

“We have used new wood–basswood, cypress. But, the quality of the product when it’s reclaimed– especially when from your shop there–is always impeccably done. That has a big impact on people and on the ability to build something true. David Salmela, FAIA

Salmela Architect

DTC: What drew you to reclaimed wood as a material for your design work? CF: “Its beauty and tactile nature. Its character/embedded history–including the old points of attachment, stress, and bearing. Its final stability (predictability of retained character), higher density and structural capacity.” Cheryl Fosdick

CF Design

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