Max Taubert, Owner of Duluth Timber
  • 30+ years of experience in the dismantling and salvage industry.
  • Relationships with dozens of qualified contractors across the US and Canada
  • Existing markets for timbers and lumber and other salvageable materials

“I started tearing down structures and working in concert with larger demolition contractors in the Cleveland/Northwest Ohio area in the mid 1970?s. After moving to Duluth MN in 1981 and founding Duluth Timber in 1985 I have personally been involved in the dismantling of hundreds of structures across North America and have reclaimed and recycled tens of millions of board feet of old growth timbers and lumber.”

Contact by email with digital photos and the address to allow viewing your site via Google Earth are always helpful and the most effective way to initiate dialog. I am always happy to discuss a potential project over the phone once I’ve had a chance to get a sense of the scope of the project.

While Duluth Timber rarely performs actual deconstruction these days, I have longstanding relationships with demolition and deconstruction specialists across North America with the capabilities for projects of any size and scope. I am also happy to work with any contractor of your choosing to maximize recovery of salvageable materials and to mitigate costs of deconstruction.

What to send:

  • Building and Wood Photos
  • Site Address
  • Project Details

(218) 727-2145

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