Reclaimed Wood Bar Top

Rolf Hagberg took this photo of the reclaimed wood bar top we built for Shorty’s Bar in Superior WI. The length of this portion of the bar is i the vicinity of 55 feet long.     ... read more

Timber Pavilion – Enger Tower Duluth, MN

These on location photos were taken by Photographer Rolf Hagberg. The pavilion at Enger Tower in Duluth overlooks the the entire city and out onto Lake Superior. The Gazebo and pergola are made out of Douglas fir from Duluth Timber Company. The wood was reclaimed from... read more

Making Reclaimed Wood Engineered Flooring

We have a series of video of our engineered flooring being made. We make this flooring with reclaimed old growth Douglas fir salvaged form industrial buildings. These videos show elements of our product process. The wood is curated, milled, and pressed at Duluth... read more

Rolf Hagberg Photography – Portraits

Duluth Timber Company is excited to announce our ongoing partnership with Rolf Hagberg Photography. Rolf Hagberg is a professional photographer based in Duluth Minnesota. He has over 20 years of experience with fine art, portrait, and commercial photography. Shown... read more

Mantel Cut from Reclaimed Wood

This mantel was requested by a couple who called and scheduled a tour with us here in Duluth, MN. During their first visit we discussed the variety of textures that their mantel could be. Initially they wanted the outward and bottom faces of the mantel to maintain the... read more

Doug Fir Engineered Flooring

High quality salvaged engineered flooring Today we’re showing off some examples of our new engineered flooring! Our flooring is made out of Douglas Fir timbers that have been salvaged from deconstruction sites across the country. It’s then cleaned up, cut... read more


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