FAQ’s About our Engineered Flooring

Tell me more about this engineered flooring.

Our Engineered Flooring is constructed with a 1/4″ surface on top of a 1/2″ 9-ply Russian Birch Plywood. We cut all the timber at our facility, glue press together the two pieces, mold the edges tongue and groove for easy and reliable assembly, and finally store it in a humidity controlled storage room.

Can it be installed over radiant heat?

Yes! The flooring is an excellent choice for installation over radiant heat.

Does the Flooring Come Finished?

That’s up to you. We are more than happy to finish all the flooring with any variety of oil’s or poly products depending on your preference, or we can ship it unfinished.

Are there any different qualities?

Yes there are. The two types we have are vertical grain or mixed grain. Vertical Grain has a very straight, tight, and clean grain to the wood and is the slightly more expensive option due to its rarity. Mixed grain has a more knots in the wood and has a looser grain, but still looks fantastic as flooring and is actually our most popular choice.

What if I don't want Douglas Fir?

We have a choice for that too! If you’re not a fan of the Doug Fir we have reclaimed Heart Pine as an option. While it doesn’t have quite the color of Doug Fir it still has the character and rarity of reclaimed timber and is an excellent choice for flooring.

Can The Floor Be Refinished?

Due to the huge 1/4″ top layer (thicker than you’ll see in any home improvement store) our floors can be refinished 2 or 3 times depending on the amount of wear they receive.

What if I don't want Engineered Flooring?

If you aren’t a fan of engineered flooring or are looking for a slightly more rustic look  we offer solid wide plank flooring as well. Our wide plank flooring is just like it sounds. Big solid pieces of wood good for installing anywhere. To find out more about wide plank flooring visit the wide plank flooring page.



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