Is DTC open to the public and do you offer tours?

Yes, we are open for customers to come take a look around and gain inspiration and collect info for their next project. Open hours are Wednesday-Friday 12pm-4pm. If you have a specific project already in mind and would like to work with a sales-person or if your schedule doesn’t work with the open times we suggest scheduling a tour.

Do you guys pull any wood out of Lake Superior?


What kind of wood do you offer and where does your wood come from?

Our wood is primarily harvested from the industrial forest of America’s decaying manufacturing and warehousing infrastructure. Wood that was once destined to landfills or to be burnt is carefully deconstructed and sent to our MN and WA yards and where new life is breathed into it and made anew for your project. We offer old growth Douglas Fir from industrial buildings and vinegar and pickle tanks tanks. Amazing old growth Cypress from pickle tanks. Redwood from old bridges, beer and pickle tanks. Oak from wine tanks and barns. Heart, White, Red and Southern Yellow Pines from various locations.

What is the difference between old growth wood and new growth?

Wood from old growth forest is typically 200-800 years old at the time of felling. The old growth wood is characterized by tight growth rings which leads to a much more stable, strong wood that is also more rot resistant to it’s 2nd and 3rd growth counterparts. Also these trees were untouched by man for such a long time that they grew to unbelievable sizes which afford some of the massive timbers of years past.

Is DTC LEED certified?


Do you have a showroom?

Yes, it showcases some of all of the materials we have to offer as well as well beautiful furniture created by our craftsmen, one of a kind and typical mantels, different flooring options, paneling, and over run items.

Where will you ship to and how much does it cost?

We will ship anywhere our freight companies will deliver. Cost is dependent on a number of factors including size and weight of shipment, residential vs commercial delivery, distance etc

What is the typical lead time for delivery?

Depending on the size of the order we typically quote 4-6 weeks. As we are primarily a custom work shop times are subject to work loads and product availability and in some cases the weather.

How will my order be delivered?

We typically use a common carrier but in some situations UPS can be used.

How do I get pricing information?

If you are looking for a quote on a custom job give us a call or submit an inquiry, and a salesperson will get with you shortly.

Is there a minimum order size?

Not necessarily, but the smaller the order the higher the price tag.

Can I receive samples of products you offer?

Yes, in most situations we offer free samples of our flooring. Larger and specialty item samples will carry a processing and shipping fee that can count towards final purchase price of product.

Do you guys supply wood for all aspects of a home? New build and remodel?

Yes, you can buy everything from the timbers for a exposed beams down to the flooring, countertops, paneling and furniture. Our wood installs just as easily as new wood but just looks even better.



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