This mantel was requested by a couple who called and scheduled a tour with us here in Duluth, MN. During their first visit we discussed the variety of textures that their mantel could be. Initially they wanted the outward and bottom faces of the mantel to maintain the original gray patina of the reclaimed wood, with the top face being smooth for cleaning purposes. The rear face was to have a sawn finish.

The couple ultimately decided to have their mantel be surfaced smooth on all four sides.

The mantel was loaded and cut on a 30 foot long band saw.

Here is a video of the 14 foot timber the 7.5 foot mantel was cut from.

The cracks and holes in the piece were filled with black epoxy and then sanded smooth.

The cut and sanded mantel was picked up by the customer. Customer opted to have us not apply a finish to the mantel, as he wanted to do that himself. We loaded it together into the back of their pick-up truck.

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