Artisan Made Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One of a kind flooring made with reclaimed wood by craftsmen in Duluth Minnesota. Old wood provides the character, craftsmen provide the quality.

Handmade with Care

Machines are used where necessary but here at Duluth Timber we believe in the value of a handmade product. With a human hand guiding the wood through the entire process, start to finish, there is a continuous eye on the quality and consistency of our flooring products. The care that goes into the manufacturing of our reclaimed wood flooring translates into a product that is easy to install, built to last, and maintains it’s beauty for the life of your home.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring being glued at Duluth Timber Company
An example of finished Reclaimed Wood Flooring from Duluth Timber Company

Ease of Installation

Engineered flooring is the ideal product for virtually any installation site or substrate. It can be glued directly to a concrete slab with in floor heating. Below grade? No problem. Over an existing floor? Sure, just as long as its not carpeting. It can be glued, face nailed, stapled, it can even be installed as a floating floor by gluing the tongue and groove together. Installing engineered flooring is a great project for a moderately skilled DIYer.

A comparison of Duluth Timber's Reclaimed Wood Flooring to other flooring products

Materials we Use

The surface veneers used on our Reclaimed Wood Flooring at Duluth Timber Company

Tread layer

Aside from its beauty, the most stand out feature of our engineered flooring is the massive 1/4″ tread layer. The average competitor’s tread layer is an 1/8″ or less. All of that extra wood allows for the possibility of as many refinishes as solid plank flooring.

The plywood base layer used on Duluth Timber's Reclaimed Wood Flooring

9 Ply Baltic Birch Substrate

Hidden beneath that massive tread layer is the unsung hero, the substrate. The quality of the substrate essentially dictates the quality of engineered flooring. In the simplest of terms, the more layers there are the better the quality. We feature a 9 ply Baltic birch plywood, making Duluth Timber’s engineered flooring stable, virtually free from bowing, cupping, and excessive expansion and contraction.

The Glue used to hold together our Reclaimed Wood Flooring at Duluth Timber Company

Glue and Fill

To hold the tread layer and substrate together we use standard PVA glue. To fill cracks and voids, like in our cracked face flooring, we use a 2 part epoxy system. Both products are free from caustic chemicals and once dry in our shop, there is no off gassing in your home.

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Cracked Face Engineered Flooring

Our cracked face engineered flooring is milled from very rustic and heavily checked mixed grain,character grade lumber. There will be

Mixed Grain Engineered Flooring

Mixed grain is milled from lumber that has been cut parallel to the trees growth rings, also known as flatsawn. The face will have a

Vertical Grain Engineered Flooring

Vertical grain is milled from lumber that has been cut perpendicular to a tree’s growth rings, also knownas quarter sawn or rift

Still Have Questions?

Read our Engineered Flooring FAQ Page to answer other questions you may have.

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