Old Growth for Outdoor Applications

Stable and Solid Reclaimed Wood is as Great Outside as it is Inside

Redwood | Cypress | Doug Fir

These are a few of our favorite things. When it comes to choosing wood for an outdoor project, old growth Redwood and Cypress set the standards for wood found in the US. These new growth species excel at weather, bug, and rot resistance but with old growth’s aged character and abundance of dense heart wood there is a significant boost in these areas. Redwood and Cypress are great for furniture, accent pieces and walls, trellises, fencing, and more.

Old growth Doug Fir benefits from the same principals. Although not as resistant, Fir makes for great outdoor support structures. i.e. gazebos, pergolas, trusses, and legs for decks.

These woods are not rot or bug proof but they far exceed the performance of any new growth wood and without the use of any chemical preservatives. Given enough time in the sun and elements all our woods will succumb to a beautiful patina. Cypress, having very sought after and unique grain characteristics, looks even more attractive once the gray begins to set in.

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