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1″ x 6″ Rough Sawn Planks

These planks for sale measure in at 1" thick by 6" wide in varied lengths. Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir and currently located in Los

10″ x 12″ Douglas Fir Beams – Long

Dimensions: 10"x 12"Lengths: 64' , 67' , 71' , 73'Quantity: 4

10″ x 12″ S4S Douglas Fir Beams

Dimensions: 10"x 12"Lengths: 30’-36’Appearance:  Surfaced 4

Limited Rough Sawn Lumber

These beautiful bundles of rough sawn lumber come in a variety of sizes and lengths (See details below for the specifics). They're all

Got Wood?

We do.

Good for Nature

 The mainstream idea of reclaiming wood has its roots in the environmental movement in the early 1970’s. The general idea of “reduce, reuse, recycle” eventually spilled over to the lumber industry. For so long old buildings containing the most beautiful old wood were burnt to the ground or bulldozed over and dumped into landfills. Now today reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular, not just because of its beauty, but because of its inherent green nature. When you choose  reclaimed wood, you choose to save a tree.

Reclaimed wood lumber at Duluth Timber Company
Reclaimed Wood Lumber Timber Frame from Duluth Timber Company

Good for your Home

Because it was harvested, milled, and has been curing for decades now, reclaimed wood offers a stability and consistency unavailable in new, even kiln-dried, wood. Reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than new lumber. Old growth wood is characterized by it’s famous dense-grain, higher concentration of heart wood, and contains less and typically more sound knots. All of this adds up to structures and furniture constructed with reclaimed timbers and lumber that will be standing in the next 100 years, creating a new story for the next generation reclamation.

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