Reclaimed Wood Mantels

Reclaimed Wood Mantels in All Shapes and Sizes

Rough sawn, planed smooth, or one-of-kind we have one for you.

Rough Sawn or Planed Smooth

A reclaimed wood mantel that has been rough sawn or planed smooth shows off the wood. Checking, nail and bolt holes, and graining are well displayed in freshly sawn timbers. There are two grades to choose from.

  • Standard grade - Potential for heavier checking and larger knots on the face and edge. Nail holes and stains are typical on one face or edge. Larger dimensions (8″ and above) are likely to have thru bolt holes.
  • Premium grade - Small and infrequent knots, higher grade premium mantels that are free of knots on the edge are also available. Minimal checking. Nail holes and stains are possible on one edge or one face. Larger dimensions (8″ and above) are likely to have thru bolt holes.
Reclaimed Wood Mantels at Duluth Timber Company
A rustic Reclaimed Wood Mantel from Duluth Timber Company


Every so often a timber will present itself and will exude a uniqueness or beauty that ensures its destiny to become a fireplace mantel. These mantels can define a space and be their own piece of art. Any previous damage, milling to fit a joint, or bolts holes are all are all frozen in time by a patina that tells a story decades in the making.

Order one of our unique reclaimed wood mantels

Purchasing  a Mantel

Choosing a Length: Pricing for mantels is by the foot. If you order a 5′ 5″ mantel you will pay for a 6′ mantel.

Mantle Quality: Pricing is based on standard grade mantels, premium grade mantels are also available at an additional price.

Custom Mantels: We can mill mantels to dimensions not listed here on the site, those are priced on per piece basis. If you want a unique As-Is or one-of-a-kind mantel those are available, sizes are limited and are priced on per piece basis as well.

Surfacing Options: Mantels can be left resawn or can be wire brushed and/or surfaced smooth (S4S) for an additional price. S4S mantels will be 1/2″ under standard dimension e.g. 4×6 S4S mantel will be a 3.5×5.5 mantel.

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