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Duluth Timber Company provides custom millwork for trim, paneling, stair treads, fireplace mantels and our artisan engineered flooring. Our old growth timbers are known for their incredible tight and unique grain allowing for its lasting dimensional stability and museum quality beauty. Old growth Douglas Fir, Redwood, and Cypress are also naturally water resistant, making them an excellent choice for outdoor installations; including siding, fencing, trellises, and pergolas.


Artisan engineered and solid plank flooring.

Counter and Table Tops

Premium Tops crafted from the finest reclaimed timbers.


Browse our selection of furniture. Stand alone works of art that allow the fine wood to speak for itself.

Lumber and Timbers

The meat and potatoes of Duluth Timber. Raw timbers or lumber for your building projects.


Whether you want a rustic feel or a fresh looking piece of Douglas Fir, we have a mantel for you.


Let the world see the beauty while you reap the hidden benefits of old growth wood for your outdoor applications.

Miscellaneous Millwork

Stair treads, wall paneling, trim, hand rails, you name it it looks good in old growth.

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